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Hong Kong Drama online, free - Great Choice For Bookworms! Watch online and download free HK Drama, TVB Drama Final Destiny – 一笑渡凡間 – icdrama in HD.According to legend, the Buddha’s aide the Roc arbitrarily goes to the mortal realm. Country: Hong Kong. Genre: Drama, Icdrama. ADrama can easily help you watch your favorite drama on the internet and you can install app on multi Android devices. This is a great app which can help you save time and make your watching easier. There are many features categories that you can check inside. Top 10 Best Hong Kong Drama of All Time. The TV must be connected to the Internet (via a valid Hong Kong IP address) in order to download, update or use TV App. No need to buy a new one.! No matter where you watch online drama series. Locate the downloaded APK of ShowBox and wait for it to finish installing.

Summary :Watch free hong kong drama online

Yup, you can’t watch Hong Kong TVB TV Series. And only certain US, Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan videos are available. Not a perfect one anymore. Luckily, there is a replacement for PPS TV now. So far it is designed PC Windows only. Hopefully, Android and iOS versions will be available soon. - Centered mostly on Hong Kong dramas. DramaZ.Se - Centered mostly on Hong Kong dramas. Drama3S - Good place to watch Japanese drama, Korean drama, as well as Chinese dramas. PollDrama - Watch and download the latest popular Chinese drama online, free. Windrama (Not Working) - Watch and download Korean drama, Chinese drama free.

Watch hong kong drama free

You want to improve your Cantonese by watching Hong Kong dramas, but find some HK dramas are not available in your country. In this case, this post offers you the 7 best free websites to watch Hong Kong drama online.

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Are you looking for a way to watch Hong Kong drama online? Here are the 7 best Hong Kong drama websites for you! (Try MiniTool MovieMaker to make a video montage.)

Top 7 Places to Watch Hong Kong Drama online, free

  1. YouTube
  2. KissAsian
  3. ViewAsian
  4. NewAisanTV
  5. ODrama
  6. DramaCool
  7. DramaGo

#1. YouTube

YouTube, as the biggest video-sharing platform, holds numerous dramas from around the world. Here you can free watch Hong Kong drama, Chinese Mainland drama, Korean drama, Japanese drama, Thai drama, Spanish drama, etc. Some Hong Kong dramas on YouTube even come with English subtitles. Just enter “Hong Kong drama” or “TVB drama” and you will find a lot of excellent HK dramas in the matching results.

#2. KissAsian

KissAsian offers you over 40 Hong Kong dramas with English subtitles. It allows you to change the video quality, video speed and download them for offline watching. You can click on Drama and choose Hong Kong (TVB) drama to find what you want to watch. Or find the drama by entering its name in the search bar.

Watch Free Hong Kong Drama Online

#3. ViewAsian

There are hundreds of Hong Kong dramas and movies on ViewAsian such as A Pillow Case Of Mystery, Armed Reaction, and Heart and Greed. You can watch HK dramas online, free without registration and free download to your device. Its loading speed is faster than other HK drama websites. The only downside is you can’t choose the video quality when watching HK dramas.

#4. NewAsianTV

Another website to watch Hong Kong drama online, free is NewAsianTV. As its name implies, NewAsianTV is a website for watching Asian dramas. Unlike ViewAsian, this website offers no option to adjust the video playback speed and download dramas.

#5. ODrama

ODrama has an intuitive and well-organized interface, which helps you quickly find the wanted Hong Kong drama. Most HK dramas on ODrama are available with English subtitles and can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Besides, popular Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, and Thailand dramas are also offered on this website.

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Hk Tvb Drama Cantonese

#6. DramaCool

On DramaCool, you can browse Hong Kong dramas by Genre and Release Year, and watch Hong Kong dramas online, free with English subtitles. What’s more, these dramas are available for downloading. To find HK dramas, go to Drama > Hong Kong (TVB) Drama and find the one you want to watch.

#7. DramaGo

The last place I’d like to recommend is DramaGo. It has a large library of Hong Kong dramas and offers over 60 genres like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Horror, and Romance. It’s a great website to watch Hong Kong dramas, but the loading speed is slower than other websites. No registration is required!

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If you really enjoy HK dramas, don’t miss the 7 best free websites to watch Hong Kong dramas online! Hope this post is helpful to you!

Download Hong Kong Drama Ios Terbaru

What is Viu?
Viu is a localized, legal digital platform providing online video content in the Asia-Pacific region. Viu provides premium Asian content from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan – with English & Chinese subtitles (for selected titles). Simulcast drama and variety series are available from as fast as 8 hours after its original telecast for Viu Premium members.
Where can I download the Viu App?
The Viu App is available for download at the Google Play and Apple App Store.
What are the types of programs provided by Viu?
Viu currently provides Korean, Japanese, Thai and Hong Kong drama series, as well as lifestyle, music and variety shows catered to all different age groups.
When will the programmes be updated?
New Korean/Japanese drama series and popular variety shows are available from as fast as 8 hours after its original telecast for Viu Premium members. Registered Viu Free members will be able to access the content as fast as 72 hours after Viu Premium.
Will the content be available for viewing outside Singapore?
The content on Viu app is only limited to viewing in Singapore. However, if you are a registered Viu Free or Premium member, you can download the video(s) and watch them offline, even while on airplane mode when you’re travelling!
I am a Viu Premium member. How do I cast the videos from my mobile devices to TV?
If you are casting from an Android device, Google Chromecast is required. If you are casting from an iOS device, Apple TV is required. For the step-by-step guide, visit Google or Apple’s website. Laptop/PC to TV is not supported. Alternatively, if you have the selected Smart TVs, you can download the Viu app on TV and enjoy your favourite shows in full HD!
Can I use the same user account to watch different videos on different devices at the same time?
As a Viu Premium member, you can log in to 3 devices (phone/tablet/TV) and 1 PC at the same time.
Will there be any data charges if I access Viu Premium service on mobile device?
Yes, data charges will apply when accessing Viu Premium service.
What should I do if a technical problem occurs when viewing?
Refresh the page to see if the same problem occurs. If the problem is not resolved, please note down the error information shown on the page and email it to [email protected]
I have signed up for the Viu Premium service through M1. How do I start watching the Viu Premium content?
An Email containing login instructions will be sent to you upon successful sign up. Follow the instructions in the email to download the Viu App and login to start enjoying the service.
I am an existing Basic/Free Viu user. Can I use my existing Account ID/Email and subscribe to Viu Premium with M1?
Yes, you can.
I am existing Viu Premium subscriber. Will I be able to successfully activate the service using the same Viu Premium credentials, should I wish to sign up for Viu Premium with M1?
Currently, existing Viu Premium users will not be able to complete the service activation using the existing Viu Premium credentials. Customer must activate Viu Premium with M1 using a different email.
When can I receive the Email notification containing the Temporary Password after signing up for the service?
You will receive the Email within the day of successful sign up.
If I cancel mid of month, will I be charged a full month?
Yes, we do not have a refund or pro-rated policy as our billing cycles goes on a monthly basis. Your Viu subscription will be immediately terminated, and you will not be able to enjoy Viu Premium after termination.
I have successfully sign up and received the Temporary Password via email. Can I choose to activate my Viu Premium later?
Upon receiving the Activation email, Viu Premium is already activated. You are strongly encouraged to start using the service as the monthly subscription charge of $7.98 will apply (after promotion period ends if applicable).
Will the monthly subscription charge (if any) be pro-rated if I decide to terminate my Viu Premium Service?
Applicable subscription charge will not be pro-rated if you decide to terminate the Viu Premium service.
If my M1 Postpaid Mobile line/Mobile Broadband/Fibre Broadband service is suspended, will my Viu Premium subscription end automatically?
Customers are billed in advance for a 30-day period. If your M1 service is suspended, your Viu Premium subscription will be cancelled, and you will not be billed for subsequent months.
If I terminate my M1 Postpaid Mobile line/Mobile Broadband/Fibre Broadband service, will my Viu Premium subscription end automatically?
If you terminate your M1 service, your Viu Premium subscription will be cancelled, and you will not be billed for subsequent months.