How To Download Ios 7.0 On Ipod 4

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The day is here! iOS 7, the totally-redesigned mobile operating system from Apple and head design honcho Jony Ive, is now officially available for download. You can now install iOS 7 on your iDevice, if you own an iPhone 4 or newer, an iPad 2 or newer, an iPad mini or an iPod Touch 5th generation or newer.
So: How do you go about downloading iOS 7 to your Apple phone, tablet or MP3 player? We have step-by-step instructions below. Ready? Set? Here's how to install iOS 7.
1. First, you need to ensure that Apple has designated your device as eligible for iOS 7. We listed those gadgets above, but in case you're a visual learner, here they are again:


First you need to make sure you have a compatible device. IOS 7 will work on iPhones that are iPhone 4 and later, Retina display iPads, iPad 2, and fifth-generation iPod touch. Not all devices.

How To Download Ios 7.0 On Ipod 4

2. If your device is on the list, you're good to go. Before you start the installation, however, you should definitely back up your data. With any new operating system, you are potentially looking at bugs and technical glitches, no matter how much quality control Apple has gone through; and also, no matter how technically savvy you are, you still might screw up the install.
Gizmodo has a handy guide here on backing up your iPhone or iPad or iPad. Do it.

3. Once your data is safely backed up, you are ready to start the download. If your phone is ready for the update, your Settings icon will have a little red number over it, like this:

Apple has just released iOS 7 to the general public as on OTA download for compatible devices. However, those looking for a fresh restore / update to iOS 7 on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices, can download the firmware by using the official direct links to.IPSW files for their respective iOS devices. Note that iOS7 is available for the iPod (5th gen and above), iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and above and the iPad Mini. And if you are wondering, the iPhone 5S and 5C will be running on the 7.0.1 version. Here’s how to to get iOS7 on your idevice. But first, if you are not sure if you have a GSM or CDMA model, here’s how to find.

4. Then find the 'General' pane. If the iOS 7 update is in there, you will again have a notification, like so:


4. Touch 'Software Update.'

5. If you have the update, you will see this screen, except with 'iOS 7' (This is an artist's rendition that we paid a lot of money for). Make sure you are connected to reliable Wi-Fi, and will be for awhile; it's also a good idea to plug in your device and charge it for awhile, as the download can take some time and eat away at your battery.
Okay, connected to Wi-Fi and got your device plugged in? Tap 'Download and Install.'

How To Get Ios 7 On Ipod 4

6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. If you are legal-minded, read through them first, taking care to underline important clauses.

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How To Download Ios 7.0 On Ipod 4

The tool to jailbreak iOS 7 version of firmware is now been released by evad3rs team. A new version of evasi0n 7 has been updated to support untethered jailbreak of iDevices running on iOS 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.0.3, 7.0.4, 7.1 Beta1 and 7.1 Beta2, which allows the iOS devices to be jailbroken (hacked) permanently (until the next firmware update).

Here’s step-by-step instructions and guide on how to jailbreak with evasi0n 7. In order to jailbreak iDevices, the developers is recommended the device must fresh restore iOS 7.0.4 IPSW file to prevent the causing issues with OTA updates.

How To Download Ios 7.0 On Ipod 40

  1. Upgrade iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to official iOS 7.0 if not yet already done.
  2. If you have Passcode Lock enabled on your device, disable it for the duration of this process (Settings > General > Passcode Lock).
  3. Connect iDevice to the computer.
  4. Create a backup of iDevice using iTunes before start jailbreaking.
  5. Download evasi0n from evad3rs website
  6. Unzip the .zip and run the evasi0n 7 executable (EXE or DMG) file.
  7. Click ‘Jailbreak’ and wait for the tool to run.
  8. After a couple minutes and a reboot, the tool will ask you to launch the evasi0n 7 app that installed on iDevice.
  9. Without disconnecting iDevice, unlock it and tap the evasi0n 7 icon on the home screen and wait the app to run the program.
  10. Once evasi0n 7 done, you should find the Cydia app on the iDevice home screen to indicating a successful jailbreak.
  11. Simply launch Cydia, switch to the ‘Changes’ tab and tap ‘Upgrade’ to update to the latest version.

How To Install Ios 7 On Ipod Touch 4

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