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The post analyses why Xbox cannot directly play iTunes movies, recommend several qualified iTunes to Xbox converters, and shows you how to play iTunes movies on Xbox. How To Download Movies To My Xbox One There is no specific controller to run Popcorn Time on Xbox One, but rather a standard controller that could navigate the contents on the app. However, you can also control which Movie or TV Show to watch view your Android or iOS device when using the cast screen method as described above.

If you have little ones at home who play the game console, surely you will be concerned when it comes to keeping track of what kind of games they play, how long they are in front of the screen and who they talk to. Well, you should know that there are applications and functions that allow you to know all that, so we are going to teach you how to control the little ones on Xbox One .


Xbox parental controls

The Microsoft console offers a complete parental control system that will allow you to configure a perfectly safe and controlled environment for minors. The best thing is that its administration is quite simple, since we will only have to perform a few simple steps to have everything configured.

This is all you need to do to have a profile controlled with parental control:

  • Create a family group
  • Create profiles for minors
  • Establish hours and restrictions of use

With these settings, you will have everything tied to possible access to inappropriate content, you will have total control of the time spent in front of the screen and you will even be able to manage the friendships that are born through the online game.

How do I configure parental control?

To create a controlled environment on Xbox One and PC, you must use the Xbox Family Settings application to fully manage all settings. It is a very simple application to use and will allow you to do everything from your mobile phone, without having to do anything on the console or on the PC, although you can also perform most of the steps from the official website .

The application is available in beta version for both iOS and Android, so you only have to download to start configuring everything.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Once you have it installed, you will have to log in with the account of the person who will manage the Family Group. It should be a registered Microsoft account, so use your Xbox or Windows login account to get started. If you don’t have one and are new to this, it’s time you created a new one. You can do it from the application’s own welcome screen.

With the account created and signed in to the Xbox Family Settings app, it’s time to create the Family Group. The application will invite you to add a minor to the family group, and to do that you will have two options:

  • Invite to an account already created : If the minor already has their user account and logs in with it on Xbox, you must choose the option to invite someone to send the request to their account.
  • Create an account for a minor : If the minor does not yet have their own account, it is time to create one. The process will be identical to creating a normal account, so you will have to use an email (or create a new one) and choose a username.

What can be done with parental controls?

With the account already created and added to the family group, it is time to establish the parameters that will allow you to be calm regarding the use that the little one can give to the console and the networks. These are the functions that you can use in the application:

  • Set device usage times : Determine at what times and for how many hours you can be using a device.
  • Set usage times for applications and games : Choose at what times and how many hours you can play a game or a specific application.
  • Usage time notifications : You can report on the screen how much usage time you have left.
  • Activity reports: Check all the activity thanks to receiving an email with the monthly summary.
  • Accept purchases : Are you afraid of a possible improper purchase? Force the system to require your approval before completing a purchase.
  • Establish payments : You can add money as a balance in your account so that you can buy on your own.
  • Purchase log : Check your purchase and order history through the Microsoft Store.
  • Accept incoming friend requests : You will be able to choose who befriends your child, although it is an option that is still pending implementation.

In this way, the Xbox Family Settings application will become your control center to manage all the profiles you need. This way you will be able to know what they are doing at all times, control what games they play and even block access to Minecraft if they have not fulfilled the house chores.

Nothing beats Popcorn Time when it comes to watching Free Movies and TV Shows. What better way to watch Movies than Popcorn Time on Xbox One? This guide helps you install Popcorn Time on Xbox One so you can watch all the latest Movies and TV Shows instantly.

Apr 09, 2012 The Torrented TV show or Movie you want. Step 1: Install Vuze and configure everything. Step 2: Download the torrented show or movie from a website like ThePirateBay. Step 3: Make sure your Xbox and computer with Vuze are connected to the same router. Step 4: Turn on your Xbox. And the good news is that you can download movies and TV shows to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One hard drive already. All of Xbox movies are in high resolutions, with stream or download options equipped. Therefore, whether to download Xbox movies or to watch directly depends on your personal requirements.

Popcorn Time Xbox One is installed using a Cast Screen method that can be achieved without breaking a sweat. However, always consider using a best vpn for Popcorn Time when viewing copyright material.

How to Install Popcorn Time on Xbox One

How to Download Xbox One Video Clips. One of the best ways to share your video game experiences on the Xbox One is by recording clips and sharing them with your friends. Decide whether to stream or download Movies & TV content to your Xbox 360 When you buy or rent a video, you need to decide whether to stream or download it. This article helps you make that decision.

Popcorn Time on Xbox One is installed via two approaches. The first method requires an assistance of Android Phone, while the second method requires an assistance of Mac device. In both approaches, the Popcorn Time Xbox installation is performed with cast screen method.

Popcorn Time Xbox One via Android Phone

Popcorn Time on Xbox One is easily installed with a little help of an Android Phone, from where you will cast screen the Movie/TV Show onto your Xbox One. Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Download the Popcorn Time App on your Android Phone

Step 2: Open the Popcorn Time App > Select a Movies/TV Show from the list

Step 3: Here you will a ‘Cast’ icon on the top-right corner, so click on it

Step 4: You will be presented with a list, so click on Xbox One. The Xbox One option will only appear if your Android device and Xbox One device is connected to a same network

Step 5: The Movies/TV Show will automatically appear on Xbox One > Happy streaming! Don’t forget to get a Popcorn Time VPN whenever you view copyright material.

Popcorn Time Xbox One via Mac

This method involves the use of Popcorn Time Mac on Xbox One. If you have a Mac, then you should begin installing Popcorn Time right away.

Step 1: Visit the Popcorn Time Website on your Mac

Step 2: Download the Popcorn Time app from the list

Step 3: Open the app > Choose a Movie/TV Show you like to view

Step 4: On the top-right corner, click on the Cast icon

How To Download Movies To Xbox One Free

Step 5: Select the device i.e. Mac but be sure that your Mac device and Xbox must be connected to the same network > Movie/TV Show will appear on Xbox > Enjoy streaming!

How to Install Popcorn Time on Xbox 360

Installing Popcorn Time on Xbox 360 follows the same process as highlighted for Xbox One. As you did for Xbox One, you need to visit the Popcorn Time website, download and open the app, click on the Cast icon and you’re good to stream.

Popcorn Time Xbox One Controller

How To Download Movies To My Xbox One

There is no specific controller to run Popcorn Time on Xbox One, but rather a standard controller that could navigate the contents on the app. However, you can also control which Movie or TV Show to watch view your Android or iOS device when using the cast screen method as described above.

Popcorn Time Xbox One App

Popcorn Time Xbox One app is now available on GitHub, which has been developed by its original creator. On the internet you will find various clone apps for Popcorn Time that works exactly the same as the original. However, you don’t know whether the cloned app hides a malware inside its setup installer. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Popcorn Time Download

Popcorn Time is easily installed on any device using Popcorn Time app. You can also try installing the Popcorn Time Mobile if you happen to have Android device.

Popcorn Time Xbox One Not Working/Issues/Problems

Xbox One users may sometimes face problems when either installing or using Popcorn Time. We have collected and summarized those problems with their solutions to provide our readers the ease-of-use.

Popcorn Time Xbox One Failed to Stream

Whenever you are unable to stream Popcorn Time on Xbox One, you need to consider checking your internet connection. Xbox One users often face this problem when using the casting screen method. It is a possibility that one of the device is not connected to the same network, or refreshing the app on your Android or iOS device may fix the problem. Often than not you’ll hear users complaining Popcorn Time won’t stream to Xbox One, so now you know the solution.

Popcorn Time Failed to Find Xbox One

It is impossible to detect Xbox One device when either of the device is not on the same network. This needs to be rectified because the Popcorn Time app will not appear on the Xbox One screen if they are not connected to the same network. Also check on the internet connection while doing it so.

Download Moviebox On Xbox One

Playback Error

Utorrent Download

This problem occurs when there are some issues with the Xbox One, as a result the streams would not play. Check the gaming console or you could also check if the same problem persist when playing other video files or screen casting other apps. You can try casting the app again to see if the error is avoided.


Popcorn Time Xbox One is the perfect blend for users who loves to watch free Movies or use popcorn time on smart TV. Popcorn Time instantly plays a video on-demand in HD quality and all the latest media content there is on the internet. You never have to pay anything except for getting a Popcorn Time VPN. It is necessary to hide your online identity while viewing copyright material, and nothing does better than a VPN. Not only it will keep you anonymous, but it will also keep online hackers and cybercriminals at bay.

  • How do you download movies on Xbox One? I purchased a movie from the Microsoft Store and I don't see any option to download it. I can stream the movie but I can't download it, I have about 1.75tb of available space. It's not possible to download movies onto an Xbox One at this time.
  • Showbox for xbox one download. You can stream free movies and tvshow on xbox one using showbox by follow these steps. Connect xbox one to windows8 PC using Windows Media Center 7.
  • Nov 19, 2016 - I purchased a movie from the Microsoft Store and I don't see any option to download it. I can stream the movie but I can't download it, I have.

I purchased a movie from the Microsoft Store and I don't see any option to download it. I can stream the movie but I can't download it, I have about 1.75tb of available space.

The Xbox One has integrated TV features and support for streaming media apps like Netflix and Hulu, but that isn’t where it ends. You can play video and music files you’ve ripped or downloaded by plugging in a USB drive or streaming them over your local network.

This is made possible by the Xbox Media Player app, which Microsoft released about nine months after the Xbox One was released. Sony also added a similar PS4 Media Player app to its console, so both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 offer this feature.

How To Download Purchased Movies On Xbox One

Supported File Types

The Xbox One Media Player app supports a wide variety of audio and video codecs, container formats, and image file types. It even supports album art images stored in music folders. Here’s a list of what the app supports, straight from Microsoft:

  • Music, Video, and Container Formats: 3GP audio, 3GP video, 3GP2, AAC, ADTS, .asf, AVI DivX, DV AVI, AVI uncompressed, AVI Xvid, H.264 AVCHD, M-JPEG, .mkv, .mov, MP3, MPEG-PS, MPEG-2, MPEG-2 HD, MPEG-2 TS, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-4 SP, WAV, WMA, WMA Lossless, WMA Pro, WMA Voice, WMV, WMV HD
  • Picture Formats: Animated GIF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF

In practice, almost anything you want to play or view should work fine. You’ll see an error message if you try to play something that isn’t supported.

Install the Xbox Media Player App

This app isn’t installed by default, so you’ll need to install it yourself from the Xbox Store. To launch the Xbox Store, head to My Games & Apps > Apps > Find more in the Xbox Store. Search for “media player” and install the Media Player app.

How to Play Videos and Music From a USB Drive

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If you have a USB flash drive or external drive, you can use it to play videos on the Xbox One. The Xbox One supports USB 1, USB 2, and USB 3 drives. The drive must be formatted in FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, or NTFS. If you have a Windows PC, your USB drive will work on your Xbox One as long as your Windows PC can read it. If you have a Mac, be sure to format the drive as exFAT and not with a Mac-only file system like HFS+.

Connect the drive to your computer and copy your video, music, or picture files onto it. Eject it from your computer and connect it to one of the USB ports on your Xbox One. There Xbox One has three USB ports you can use: Two on the back of the console, and one on the side.

Open the Media Player app and you’ll see your connected drive as an option. Select the drive and you can browse all the media files on it and play them, controlling the playback with your Xbox controller.

How To Download Movies To My Xbox 360 Software

How to Stream Media Files From Your Computer

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Movies On Xbox 360

Alternatively, you can skip the USB drive entirely and stream a video from your computer to your Xbox One using DLNA. You could also use a network attached storage (NAS) device as a DLNA media server if you have one.

To do this, you’ll need to set up a DLNA server on your PC or Mac first. Microsoft recommends–and officially supports–Windows Media Player as a DLNA server. This feature was introduced in Windows 7, and it still works on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. If you use a Mac, you’ll need to find a third-party DLNA server like Plex.

To activate the DLNA server included with Windows, open the Control Panel, search for “media,” and click the “Media streaming options” link under Network & Sharing Center. Click the “Turn on media streaming” button here. This makes the files available in your Music, Pictures, and Videos libraries available for streaming. (So if your video file isn’t in your Videos folder already, you’ll want to put it there now.)

Once you have a DLNA server set up, it will appear in your Xbox One’s Media Player app as an option alongside any connected USB drives, allowing you to browse and stream media files stored in your media libraries.

How to Stream Media Files With “Play To” or “Cast to Device”

You can also use the “Play To” feature to play music from your computer to your Xbox One. This feature is now called “Cast to Device” on Windows 10, but it’s still called “Play To” on the Xbox One. It also relies on DLNA in the background. However, you don’t have to set up a DLNA server. You just browse to the media files on your computer and tell Windows to play them on your Xbox One.

This feature was introduced in Windows 7, and it still works on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10.

To do this, ensure the appropriate option is enabled on your Xbox One. Head to Settings > All Settings > Preferences > Game DVR & Streaming and ensure the “Allow Play To Streaming” option is enabled.

To play music or video files on your Xbox One, just right-click them in File Explorer or Windows Explorer and use the “Cast to Device” or “Play To” menu to select your Xbox One.

A small Windows Media Player window will appear, and you can use to to manage your playlist and control playback from your computer. You can also control playback on the console itself with your Xbox One controller.

Xbox One Download Movies To Hard Drive

If you haven’t yet installed the Movies & TV app on your Xbox One, you’ll be prompted to do so. The page for the app on the Xbox Store will open–just select “Install” to install it. You’ll have to install the app before the “Play To” or “Cast to Device” streaming will work.

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Xbox Video, Microsoft’s movie- and TV-purchasing service, typically allows users to stream and download videos on their devices. No download option is available to users of Microsoft’s new Xbox One console, however.


Unlike the Xbox 360 and Windows version of the service, Xbox Video features no ability to download movies and shows, even for non-rented content. Instead, users appear to only be permitted to stream movies and shows on the Xbox One. As such, users with slower connections may not be able to stream their purchases or rentals. The official support page for Xbox Video on Xbox One notes a user will be “notified before you confirm payment” if his or her network “isn't fast enough to stream the video.”

The missing feature could be a product of Microsoft’s previous plans to make Xbox One an always-connected console, in order to save hard drive space. Microsoft currently doesn’t allow users to fully manage the console’s storage.

In addition to the lack of download option, purchases on Xbox Video also lack a disclaimer found in the Xbox 360 version as to how long licenses would last. Certain production and distribution studios, such as 20th Century Fox, limit how long a user’s license to purchase content will last on the Xbox 360.

Prior to purchasing “The Wolverine” on the Xbox 360, for instance, the following message will appear for U.S. users:

Can’t be streamed or downloaded from 5/25/2015. To make sure you get it, download before 5/25/2015. Stream instantly or choose to download later. Downloads will play on Xbox 360, PC, Zune player, Windows Phone. For more info, go to

Movie Box Xbox One Download

Notably, Windows 8’s Xbox Video app also lacks such disclaimer about license expirations. It’s possible the lack of disclaimer may be related to the console appearing to use the same license scheme used by the PC version of the app. Videos that were exclusive to Xbox 360 and didn’t play on other devices don’t seem to be appearing for users in the Xbox One version of Xbox Video.

Neowin has contacted Microsoft regarding the download and licensing differences between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Xbox Video; this article will be updated if a response is received.

Update: Microsoft has provided the following response regarding the lack of downloading capabilities for the Xbox One:

Your Xbox Video collection is stored in the cloud so that it’s available wherever you go. You can access your collection of Xbox Video movies and TV episodes on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8/8.1 and online at

The response confirms that videos cannot currently be stored locally on the Xbox One, and the lack of a statement regarding its future availability seems to imply the feature won't be added in the immediate future. Additionally, Microsoft provided the following response regarding the licensing policies for Xbox Video on Xbox One:

As is common in the industry today, studios can set different policies for their films. We are working with our partners to ensure their content is available for Xbox customers in all formats.

How To Download Movies To My Xbox 360 On Mac

How To Download Movies To My Xbox 360 Without

How To Download Movies Online To Xbox One

Given the response, it appears studios could still set policies limiting the availability of movies and TV shows through a certain date, similar to the example of 'The Wolverine' seen above. If that's the case, Xbox One owners may be unable to watch content they've purchased through Xbox Video after the licensing date ends because of the lack of a downloading option. Users with slower Internet connections are out of luck altogether, as they may not be able to stream content without significant stuttering and buffering.

How To Download Movies To Your Xbox One

How To Download Xbox Os

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