How To Get Genuine Windows 7 Free Download

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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate is the most versatile and powerful edition of Windows 7. Easy to use, it combines entertainment options offered by Home Premium and practical features of Windows 7 Professional. These include the ability to run some existing programs designed for Windows XP. Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key 64 Bit Free Download Torrent; Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key 64 Bit Free Download Autocad Software; This article is the ultimate source of information about the Windows 7 serial key or product key. Get your free Windows product key below. You will find updated and genuine Windows 7 key here along. 7/10 (2999 votes) - Download Windows 7 Free. Windows 7 is the new operating system by Microsoft that has arrived to succeed Windows Vista and offer the user improvements at visual and performance level. Windows is without a doubt the most used operating system in the world on personal computers. Download a Genuine Copy of Windows:-The best way to make windows-7 genuine is to get a genuine copy of windows either from some computer software dealer or to download it online from Microsoft’s website. Don’t forget to ask for the genuine unshared version along with the key dedicated to make it genuine after you install windows version.

Most of the PC are already running Windows 10. Many got their copy of Windows via Free upgrade and some through buying a new PC.

In this article I am gonna show you How to Download Windows 10 Genuine for Free.

Don’t worry, this is a legal way of how you can get your copy of Windows 10 for Free.

Download windows 7 genuine free

How to Download Windows 10 Genuine for Free Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Go to Google and search for Windows 10 ISO. you will get a Microsoft websites like this.

Download Genuine Windows 7

Step 2: Go to the link, here you will see two options available. Option 1 – Update now and Option 2 – Download Tool now.

How To Get Genuine Windows 7 Free Download Version

Step 3: Download tool now button, this will download a file called media creation tool.

Step 4: Double click on the MediaCreatingTool, you will see this window.

Step 5: Now you will see a License agreement window, click on I agree,

Step 6: Now it may take some time, later you will see this option.

Step 7: Select create installation media and click next.


Step 8: You will be greeted with OS architecture option, click next

Step 9: You will next get an Choose which media use, select ISO and click next

Step 10: You will be asked where to Download the ISO file, Specify your download location and click next. In my case i have set it to Downloads Folder.

Step 11: Next you will see this window, now its just a waiting game until the Windows 10 ISO Downloads

Step 12: Now windows media creation tool will verify your download

Step 12: Great we have successfully downloaded Windows 10 ISO free.

Step 13: Now click on finish button, so that the media creation tool will cleanup any unwanted files from the download. !Note: its is recommended you do this.

How To Get Genuine Windows 7 Free Download 64

Step 14: Great windows 10 has now downloaded.