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I have been using iCade game controller with my app using the code form an iCade-iOS build on GitHub. After updating to iOS 11 my ios devices can sync with the remote control, but there is now functional.

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Before the update, the phone / iPad would see the controller as a keyboard and the code I have been using finds the keystrokes and turns them into usable commands for gaming etc..

The cabinet is available from ThinkGeek and various retailers, usually selling for $99.99. Currently, however, ThinkGeek has them on sale for $69.99. Recently ION has released the iCade Jr., a similar device for the iPhone, but I think this is delving a little bit into the ridiculous. It is a bit cheaper, however, going for $49.99. Because the iCade was designed for games, it sends button press and release information, which makes it easy to toggle on and off the pads. MIDI Relay If you have an external MIDI controller, you can have it send MIDI events to Sidecar - and these will be relayed to any of the ten MIDI destinations you select.

After the update pushing the buttons on the controller does nothing.

Icade Core

The main functionality of this feature is that emulator can search for game data and artwork automatically download them if required. The great thing is if you are an iOS developer, your custom artwork will also be supported utilizing OpenVGDB. Multiple OS support. Most of the iOS video game console emulators are supported by only iOS OS.

Icade Controller

Did apple remove support for iCade style game controllers in iOS 11 and if so what alternative is there to get it working again?