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How To Download & Install Texture Packs For MCPE 2020 / IOS & Andriod / Minecraft Bedrock EditionES FILE EXPLORER DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/v. Download Minecraft PE Textures Minecraft PE apk Texture Packs Mods, Maps, Skins, Seeds, Texture Packs. Make your Minecraft more beautiful and realistic with our free.MCpack Textures Packs that are optimized for Android, iOS & Windows Download the latest app version of Minecraft and for your phone for free. Are you looking for the best Java aspects pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition to download? Best Texture Packs for MCPE. Sometimes, you might get bored of looking at the same themes when playing Minecraft Pocket Edition. But, with the help of shaders, you can switch up the game's themes and graphics to add a sense of excitement. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Minecraft Pocket Edition shaders that are currently available.

Get the #1 Minecraft texture creator in the app store today and start creating a whole new world. Note: This app only supports creating textures that can be used in the PC or Mac versions of Minecraft. Pocket Edition textures are not officially supported. Features Include: 100+ texture and items packs.

The world of mods and add-ons has not always been open to Minecraft mobile users... that is until now!

Minecraft's wide-open sandbox world has fueled gamers on all platforms to recreate and explore all aspects of the game.

The great news is that Minecraft Pocket Edition, better known as the Bedrock version of Minecraft, now officially supports add-ons and mods!

Getting them installed and activated can be a bit of a chore, especially now that there are so many editions of the game operating on different devices.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Texture Packs Free Download Ipad Games

However, we will explain how to install them and get them running on your mobile device, so continue below for all the details!

Install Guide

The process will vary depending on whether you are using an iOS or Android device.

DUNGEONS: Minecraft’s iconic graphical style will be upgraded in the upcoming game!

Not all mods and add-ons will work with recent versions of the game, and some haven't received an update to make them compatible with Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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With any add-on, we recommend that you start with a new world, as the mod may make significant changes to your game.


Head to the Pocket Edition add-ons search page to find a mod.

TAKE YOUR PICK: The full list of mods goes on and on...

Make sure that you are specifically looking for .McWorld, .McPack, and .McAddon files if you want them to work on your iOS device.

On the downloads page, click the download icon, thenselect 'open in Minecraft'

An 'import started' message will appear at the top of your device if you did this correctly.

NOW WE'RE COOKING: The 'resource' and 'behaviour' pack settings are found in the bottom left corner

Following the download, switch over toMinecraft and create a new world -choose the mod from the add-ons list in the 'resource' and 'behaviour' pack settings and you're good to go.


If your device isn't compatible with the Add-Ons For Minecraft app, you'll need to go for the manual installation method.

First, you'll need to download theFX File Explorer app.

A NEW DIRECTION: In Minecraft Dungeons, you'll have to fight hordes of monsters and evade their traps

After the app is installed, the process is very similar to how it works on iOS.

Download any mod that uses the .mcpack or .mcworld file extension, then head to the'Downloads' folder located in FX File Explorer.

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Open the mod and select the option to import it to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Switch over toMinecraft, create a new world, choose the mod from the add-ons list and Bob's your uncle.

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The Ty-el's UI Pack

The Ty-el's UI Pack is an UI treatment pack for Vanilla UI, which add some features, tweaks and, also new clicking sounds(!), to make your experience somehow better but still ke...

Java Aspects

This texture pack was created to make Minecraft: Bedrock Edition feel, sound and look more like the original version of Minecraft called Java Edition. It changes things such as ...

Minecraft Pocket Edition Texture Packs Free Download Ipad

Christmas Axolotls

Its Christmas! To celebrate this year's christmas, we are introducing the 'Christmas Axolotls' texture pack! Proudly presented by Team Tribute, this texture pack adds little chr...

Item Info+

More stats are now shown on item names, using simple and easy-to-understand icons! See a mob's HP, mob hostility, banner pattern icons, what tool can enchantments be used on, fo...

Pure Vanilla RTX

This texture pack ports vanilla textures to RTX making it possible to play with default textures whilst having RTX on. Other Vanilla RTX texture packs make the textures 3D makin...

Simplistic Shader

Simplistic Shader is an shader that focuses to only basic parts. Simplistic Shader will be updated often. It’s very good for low-end devices. All devices can run this shad...

Zion 8x

If you've used some 8x Packs in the past you might remember them as: Poorly textured, ugly, inconsistent, and overall 'un-clean'. If that sounds like something you've felt ...

Music+ Resource Pack

This pack makes some changes to how the in-game music plays and adds a music player. People who enjoy listening to Minecraft's music will find this pack improves the way Minecra...

Glazin 8x8


Glazinpack is a simplistic resource pack inspired by the original 'MazinPack'. It includes a lot of improvements from the original, while sticking to it's own theme. Resource pa...

Minecraft Pocket Edition Texture Packs Free Download Ipad Air

AK Reloaded

Minecraft Pocket Edition Texture Packs Free Download Ipad Air

AK Reloaded Vanilla is The Best Vanilla edit experience. There are a lot of variations for the blocks, improvements in the others, new designs in the weapons, armor and more imp...