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How to get the “Minecraft 1.14 Village and Pillage Update” for players with a PC or Mac wishing to play the Java Edition of Minecraft: If running, close Minecraft Java Edition. Download or install the Minecraft Launcher. If playing multiple versions from the launcher, select “1.14 – Latest release” on the Play button/release selector. Download Pillage the Village for Webware to make history, showing the world that it will bow down to a single ruler. Nov 03, 2021 All village variants in Minecraft explained. How to download Minecraft demo version The video above provides an in-game example. (also referred to as Village and Pillage or as The Texture Update) is an update for Minecraft: Java Edition that was released on Ap. Learn about the Village and Pillage update from Minecraft. Discover new villages across different biomes, build with new blocks, & defend against new threats.

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There’s new versions of Minecraft for almost every platform! Whether you play Minecraft, which was formerly known as PE/Pocket Edition/Bedrock Edition or Minecraft Java Edition, there’s been a significant update, and it’s called the Village and Pillage Update.

Minecraft Village and Pillage Versions and Seeds

The Village and Pillage Update upgrades Minecraft and Minecraft Java Edition.

Minecraft Edition/PlatformVersionSeeds
Minecraft (PE/Bedrock)1.11Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.11 Seeds
Minecraft Java Edition1.14Minecraft 1.14 Seeds (PC/Mac)

What’s new in the Village and Pillage Update

The name says it all: Village and Pillage. If you’ve been playing Minecraft for awhile, one thing that has remained fairly constant are villages. There’s been minor changes here and there, the most prominent being the introduction of the use of building materials based on the biome the village is in. But, all-in-all, villages were due for an overhaul.

Boy did they get one. Villages now present a much more interesting experience. There’s new buildings with a completely overhauled look-and-feel, new villagers, new villager trades, the introduction of the Wandering Trader trader and more.

Minecraft Village and Pillage Seeds

Minecraft Java Edition Village and Pillage Seeds

Download the recent Village & Pillage Bedrock release from Minecraft. Play the newest release on your Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and on your iOS or Android. Download it for Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch today!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Village and Pillage Seeds

Villages with purpose

Villagers also now have professions that they take seriously. They take on new professions when they are near job site blocks, and there are new blocks that go along with their newfound careers. Some of the more interesting blocks include the Cartography Table, Grindstone, Barrel, Smoker, Blast Furnace, Stonecutter, Smithing Table and Fletching Table.

Wanna trade?

Trading is a lot more fun now, too. There’s a whole new visual trading system where villagers hold the item their looking to trade when they see a player holding something they want! Villagers now also gain experience for trading. That experience grants them new new trades. And, villagers now resupply their trades at job sites!

And then there’s the pillaging

Pillager Outposts are the new tower hangout that generates for pillagers. Speaking of pillagers, there’s one to take special note of: the Illager Captain. He’s the one holding the banner. Killing him brings on the Bad Omen effect, so be careful!

A player with Bad Omen effect triggers a raid when entering a village. That brings on the hurt in the form of repeated attacks by Pillagers, brought on in waves. Also be wary of the Ravager, the powerful new mob that can be found in pillager patrols and in villages when raided.

How to get the Free Village and Pillage Update

Minecraft Java Edition

How to get the “Minecraft 1.14 Village and Pillage Update” for players with a PC or Mac wishing to play the Java Edition of Minecraft:

  1. If running, close Minecraft Java Edition
  2. Download or install the Minecraft Launcher
  3. If playing multiple versions from the launcher, select “1.14 – Latest release” on the Play button/release selector
  4. Press Play

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

How to get the Minecraft 1.11 “Village and Pillage Update” for players with an Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch wishing to play the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft:

  1. If running, close Minecraft
  2. On your device, visit the App Updates screen
  3. If your device has not already updated Minecraft to 1.11 select the Minecraft 1.11 update and install it
  4. Open Minecraft

Submit your Village and Pillage Seeds

If you’ve found a unique seed and want it to be considered for Minecraft Seed HQ, visit the Minecraft Seed Forum, register, and post the seed.

We review all seeds and promote favorites to this site and credit the Minecrafter who found them!

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Minecraft PE version the Village and Pillage Update is a major new update wich a full release scheduled for early 2019. You can review the changes, detailed description and download the latest apk file for Android.

Features of Minecraft

  • Added 11 new villagers. Now you can trade a wide range of collected resources. The village has full conditions for survival, because it will live villagers with different professions.
  • Added nomadic tribe of Pillagers. This is the main enemy of all the villages, because their main goal-is to raid and plunder all resources. Also Pillagers has his tamed mob, his name is Beast.
  • 40 new blocks. The developers will add a variety of existing blocks. Several blocks will have a completely new purpose.
  • 12 new mobs. Now biomes will become even more diverse, because in the jungle you can find Pandas, and in the forest you will find foxes.
  • Added a huge number of new plants and trees. Bushes will be added most than trees. Among them you can find edible berry, but there will be poisonous bushes from which you can craft a brand new potion.
  • New weapon – crossbow. This powerful weapon perfectly diversifies bow, because in Minecraft only one type of long-range weapons.
  • A huge number of new building blocks. To perfectly decorate your home, make it more practical and convenient, we need new building blocks, for this, the developers will add the necessary blocks.

Minecraft Village & Pillage Update


List of added villagers:

  • Cleric
  • Fisherman
  • Toolmaker
  • Armorer
  • Cartographer
  • Leatherworker
  • Shepherd
  • Farmer
  • Librarian
  • Butcher
  • Weaponsmith


Village And Pillage Update Version


  • Much stronger and more cunning than usual Villagers
  • Have new weapons (Crossbow)
  • Use the Beast against The Iron Golem
  • Constantly move
  • Survive with raids


Minecraft Village Pillage Download Free


  • Deals 1.75 times more damage than a normal bow
  • Can be enchanted
  • The only downside is the long cooldown
  • You can fire a multi shot at targets within a radius of a maximum of 3 blocks.

Enchanted Crossbow


  • Quick reloading potions
  • Increased damage to flying mobs
  • Destruction of blocks when hit by arrows
  • Multishot.

Updated Village


  • Each biome will have a village type with unique biome textures
  • The Villagers are dressed according to the weather conditions in biomes
  • New buildings that extend the functionality of the villages
  • New trading opportunities with updated Villagers.

Pandas and Bamboo

Pandas Features:

  • Pandas live in the deep jungle
  • Their favorite food is bamboo
  • Practically do not move
  • Have the opportunity to lie on the ground
  • Neutral to player
  • Adult individuals can be aggressive if they have a cub.

Bamboo Features:

Minecraft Village Pillage Download Free Game

  • Grows near water bodies or in the Jungle Biome
  • Very fast growing
  • Can reach a height of 20 blocks
  • The favorite food for Pandas
  • Excellent building material in the forest
  • Can be used to craft new items.


Now you can build a new types of walls – Polished and Unpolished Granite, Andesite and Diorite Walls. They are perfect for a modern home and will serve as a protection against monsters.

Slabs and Stairs

The house will be much more comfortable and beautiful through the use of polished and unpolished Stone Slabs and Stairs

Release Date of Minecraft 1.9

Another major update called “Villagers and Pillagers” you can see at the beginning of 2019. Download will be available for Android, iOS and Windows 10. After a few months, the owners of consoles will also be able to get the update.

Mod 1 apk Features

  • Unlocked premium skins
  • Unlocked premium texture

Mod 2 apk Features

  • Unlocked premium skins
  • Unlocked premium texture
  • No damage mod
  • Infinite furnace fire
  • Max score

Original apk Features

  • License Patched
  • Disabled Telemetry
Download Minecraft PE 1.8.0 MOD iPA for iOS (Waiting for update)

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