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Last Updated on December 3, 2021

Welcome to MyFonts, the #1 place to download great @font-face webfonts and desktop fonts: classics (Baskerville, Futura, Garamond) alongside hot new fonts (Brice, Moneta,Novera). Movie Ratings And Formats font download, best free ttf fonts, great collection of beautiful truetype fonts for Windows and Mac on Download the Movieola free font. Detailed information on the Movieola font: ✔ license; ✔ glyphs; ✔ specimens; ✔ for OS: Windows, Mac, Linux; ✔ for programs: Microsoft Word, Photoshop, etc; ✔ free.

Movies have gone a long way from simply a form of entertainment to becoming part of our culture. Today, movies span genres and countries. There are films that make you laugh, make you cry, make you frightened, or all three.

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Hollywood doesn’t have the monopoly in producing the best movies anymore. Even small, independent companies can create films. In fact, you can make your own short film on zero budget! Movies can also reflect a community’s struggles. Many motion pictures today feature the reality of a local area, or a group of people.

You don’t need to be directing movies in order to produce a blockbuster. These movie fonts will garner plenty of attention by themselves when used appropriately.

Marvelous Movie Fonts

1. Due Credit

Movie fonts on word

Specifically designed for the film and television industry, this display font from Wingsart Studio features a total of 14 fonts that look amazing on headlines, credit blocks, or titles.

2. Primal

Primal is a perfect choice for movies of the sci-finature. If you plan to do a movie about the great unknown that is space, Primal would serve as an iconic choice.


3. Iceberg

Iceberg has an interesting mix of quite a few Pixxar titles in its setup, and at the same time, have a bit of a Frozen look to it. For the playful cinematic experience of high class animations, Iceberg is a good option.

4. Devant

Devant Pro is an experimentally tall typeface that would serve well for movies requiring a dramatic headline. That’s the wonder of tall fonts like these – you can increase their size quite significantly and still not take up a lot of room horizontally.

5. Dragon Fire

Firing up a cinematic experience and need some of that Game of Thrones vibe? That’s where Dragon Fire swoops in and saves the day. The playful serifs are enough to make it stand out bold and bright. That said, make sure to add some layers tyles on top to make it as impactful as it can be.

6. Linee

Make your sci-fi or modern concepts stand out using this font pack by Typoerba. The set includes 4 bonus logo templates you can apply on your commercial projects.

7. Fokus

Fokus was inspired by mid-century print design. The height of this condensed typeface automatically draws attention and can be utilized to create beautiful headlines, logos, quotes, posters, social media, headlines, magazine titles, clothing, large print formats, and more.

You can easily pair it with scripts and bold sans serif fonts. Fokus comes in two versions, regular and thin, which makes it super versatile and fun to experiment with.

8. Arkana

Arkana is a breathtaking fantasy typeface. It includes upper, lowercase, special characters, numbers and punctuation. You can use this font for a variety of projects. It’s perfect for books, video games, movies or any other kind of publishing or production in the fantasy genre.

9. Portia

Inspired by the film noir genre, this contemporary sans serif by Ochaya Designs will bring the right amount of drama to your works.

10. Parkson Sans Serif

With influences from the grotesque fonts of the 19th century, Greg Nicholls has managed to create 18 fonts that are clean, legible, and beautiful from every angle.

11. Armada CPC

Inspired by seafaring ships fit for battle, Christopher P. Cacho brings to you an extended typeface that’s sturdy and willing to fight for you.

12. Sickle Blade Typeface

This gem from Alphadesign is ideal for horror, fantasy, or game-related themes.

13. Oyster

Oyster is a sexy and elegant sans serif typeface. This font will grab attention and make your works stand out. Its use is ideal for fashion projects, packaging, branding, magazines, headlines, social media, invitations, and much more. Oyster also includes beautiful ligatures, which will add an extra spark to your design.

Tamil Movie Fonts Download

14. August Typeface

Charming, curvy, and powerful, this condensed sans serif from Ellen Luff will let you play with extremes in the most delicious ways.

15. Bassanova

If you’re looking for something minimal but with a fun, subtle twist to it, look no further than this dynamic display font from Julia Bausenhardt.

16. Brodo

A custom sans serif that comes in 6 art deco styles, you’ll have no problem re-creating the glamour of the 1920s. Designed by JumboDesign.

Movie Fonts Download

17. Giant

Slay the competition using this custom font that looks great when applied on adventure, action, fantasy, or retro themes.

18. Blackthorns

Don’t underestimate these simple fonts by Herofonts. Available in four weights: Light, Regular, Bold, Black, the set includes web fonts, too.

19. Pineapple

Featuring a total of 6 unique fonts, you and your audiences will be swimming under the sea when they see these funny, quirky, but versatile typefaces.

20. Mangano Font

Hindia Studio presents this modern typeface that comes in 2 styles: Clean and Rough that are perfect for personal or commercial works.

21. TT Bluescreens

Narrow, neutral, and geometric, this product is ideal for use in headlines or posters that need a minimal yet classic touch.

22. Rockrace Font Family

Whether you’re working on sports, industrial, or retro concepts, this font family from Arterfak Project has everything you need to make those designs stand out.

23. Clearlight

A sharp and elegant sans from NimaType, you can’t go wrong when using this for your headlines or body copy.

24. Brother Typeface

With this bold and awesome typeface by Giemons, you can easily convey your message regardless of where you apply it.

25. Stargaze Typeface

Explore the boundaries of your own imagination in this futuristic typeface from Tugcu Design Co.

26. Billionaire

A custom sans serif that’s definitely worth a pretty penny, you will love it on headlines, posters, labels, logos, apparel, and more.

27. Hitchcut Display Font

A homage to Saul Bass and Alfred Hitchcock, this big and bold display font by Its Me Simon will not leave you hanging.

28. Blacklisted

Keep it classy and modern with this gem from Ramey Type Foundry. The product contains a total of 6 font styles as well as special characters and special tildes.

29. Sequel

This offering from Shaped Fonts will look wonderful on adventure, vintage, minimalist, or rustic themes.


Get into the Wild West spirit in this font family designed by Vintage Voyage D.S. The pack includes 7 typefaces and 4 styles inspired by Morricone music, and Tarantino and Leone movies.

31. Njord Typeface

Call upon the strength of the Vikings when you use this distinct display typeface by Tugcu Design Co.

32. Quartz Grotesque

Clean, crisp, and simple, this font by Font Forestry is every modern minimalist’s dream!

33. Ironclad

With 3 weights and featuring rounded shapes, this typeface will look great in magazines, labels, logos, posters, branding, and more.

34. Vanguard CF

With 16 fonts you can mix and match or use as a standalone, Connary Fagen offers a wide variety of styles so you make an amazing first impression.

35. NovaDeco Type Family

Designed to evoke the Art Deco period, this display typeface by Types and Boats will be the only wow factor you need when creating contemporary pieces.

36. TT Trailers

This collection of extra narrow fonts by TypeType supports 212 languages including Cyrillic, and includes 1078 glyphs for each of the 10 typefaces.

37. Film Poster Narrow

An ultra condensed sans serif by Fontsphere, this display typeface comes in 3 styles in sharp, geometric forms.

38. Boldine

With 3 styles (Rounded, Semirounded, Regular) to choose from, this big and bold offering from Fateh.Lab will get you making headlines, titles, posters, and labels that demand attention.

39. MADE Soulmaze

Use this product from MadeType for all your branding, corporate, or marketing needs.

40. Marschel Pro

Zeune Type Foundry lets you effortlessly add magic to your projects thanks to this 8-font pack.

41. The Artist

A font duo featuring a retro grotesk and modern script with extras, you can’t go wrong when making this purchase.

42. Metropolis Font Family

Evoke the chaos, mystery, and thrill of the urban jungle in this versatile font family by Unio that’s based on an old classic design by the original 1927 Fritz Lang movie.


What font is used in the Psych logo?

I did a lot of research to find the font used in the Psycho logo. I didn’t find the exact font used in the logo. Most likely, this font has been personalized.

Anyway, I found two fonts that are very similar to the original logo font. The first is premium and the second is free. You can manipulate these fonts a bit to make them look like the desired font.

The first font is “Compacta Std Bold” and was designed by Fred Lambert and published by ITC. This font is Premium and you can buy it from the link below.

Vijay Movie Fonts Download

The second alternative font is free and you can use it in your personal projects. Click on the button below to download it.

The font of the “Psycho” logo is torn into pieces of paper, which exactly matches the meaning of the film’s name. That is, when a psychic is somewhere, he attacks not only the letters but also the soul and greets the audience with a scary genre. This font is used in many horror works, and of course in personal use and placing letters such as puzzles in note style, and viewers will surely notice that there are many scary streams behind this mysterious poster.

About Psycho

300 Movie Fonts Download

“Psycho” is one of the scariest films in the history of cinema, making many even darker and more terrifying. In 1992, the film was included in the American Cultural Heritage List and in the Hollywood Film Masterpieces Treasures, giving us an excuse to look at this horror film.

Movie Credits Fonts

Psychologist tells the story of a woman named Marion Crane, who lives with her moneyless fiancé. One day at the company, when her boss gives her a lot of money, she is tempted to steal the money and hit the road. On the way, he arrives at an abandoned motel, where he meets Norman Bates, a motel owner, and rents a room from him. At the end of the night, he decides to return the money to his boss, but when he is taking a shower, A woman’s knife is cut into pieces.