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  1. Pentesterlab Pro Free Download Windows 10
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Pentesterlab Pro Free Download Windows 10

  • Set up Your Environment. If you’re a dev, you probably have your perfect setup already. Gratz! The way to go here is usually Linux or Mac. Personally, I use Ubuntu on Windows 10 (sue me) but only because I know all my favorite tools work on it.
  • Learn the Theory. No way around this one. Even in just web application hacking, there’s a whole breadth of knowledge you need to know. I’d split web hacking knowledge into two categories: The Basics, and the Nifty Tricks.
  • Practice with CTFs and Wargames. This is the fun bit. Once you have some theory down, you can start practicing by doing hacking challenges. These are vulnerable web applications with hidden “flags” that you find by exploiting the application.
  • Get Good at Scripting. This will make your life much, much easier. Python is amazing as a scripting language, especially for hacking. A lot of CTFs and bug bounties will require brute force actions such as sending many packets and hashing, all of which can be done easily by writing your own Python scripts.
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    Pentesterlab Pro Free Download Crack Version

    I consider PentesterLab to be a great resource for learning about web application security and ways how it can be subverted. Even though the exercises usually don’t take much time to complete they can teach a lot. I can’t but recommend it, especially to any aspiring junior penetration testers out there.