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SmartCam mobile application lets you view the live video and use two-way audio communication from your network cameras anywhere with your smartphone if you use Hanwha Techwin's home monitoring system. SmartCam mobile is a free application designed specifically for Hanwha Techwin's home monitoring product.
◎ Supported models will be updated continuously.
◎ Android Versions 5/6/7/8 supported
◎ Recommended Smartphone Galaxy S5/S6/Note4/Note5
◎ Current compatible with such models as:
-SNH-1010N, SNH-1011N, SNH-P6410BN, SNH-E6411BN,
SNH-E6440BN, SNH-V6414BN, SNH-V6110BN,
SNH-C6417BN, SNH-V6430BN, SNH-V6414BN, SNH-V6410PN
◎ Features
- View Live Video
- Supported format: H.264
- Event alarm notification service
- Easy video monitoring in the 3G mobile and Wi-Fi environment
- Two-way audio communication
◎ This application uses FFmpeg and SDL under LGPL v2.1
◎ The device can limit the number of users depending on network traffic status.
◎ Audio playback may not be smooth in Profile Change mode. In this case, we recommend to operate in normal mode.
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Samsung Smartcam App

4.0 and up

Samsung Smart Camera App free. download full


Sometimes we want to capture everything that happens around. How can we do this? You can take a picture of yourself and what is happening around you. This is a great way to share events and emotions that you feel. Programmers are developing apps that immediately activate 2 cameras.

These apps are great for bloggers and photographers. Share dual photos with your friends. You will amaze them with a detailed description of a situation or event. These apps use front and back cameras. This will allow you to capture the moment as much as possible.

There is a list of the best dual camera apps for Android. Try them all or choose only one.

Dual Camera

This app will allow you to take a simultaneous photo with two cameras. A dual photo will look much more beautiful than a single photo. The app is very easy to use. Press the start button to open the dual camera. You will see that your screen is divided into two parts. You can take a simultaneous or alternate photo.

You can take 2 pictures with the front camera as well as 2 pictures with the back camera. You can save the photo in the gallery. Share the dual photo with your friends. This app does not take up much space on your smartphone. It weighs only 3.7MB. This app has helped to make dual photos more than 100 thousand people.

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Dual Camera HD DSLR

This is a quick and simple dual camera. It takes photos of the best quality. The smart program perfectly adjusts the colors and light in photos. You will get a dynamic dual photo. The app has many tools for processing photos. Use them to achieve the best result. Download this app and you will always have a professional camera in your pocket.

The app has a technology called tone-mapping. It can make any photo perfect. You have 5 different styles of the photo. This app highlights all the small details. If you are a beginner photographer, then this app is definitely for you. It will teach you how to work with colors and shadows.

Use the automatic mode so that the camera can make a color correction. It has intelligent face detection. Try different types of focus. Use magical effects to make your photos mysterious. Take a dual photo and your friends will know everything about the events. You can show them every detail using a dual photo.

Dual Camera – Portrait Mode, Bokeh, Selfies

Samsung Smart Camera App Free Download Pc

This is a multifunctional app that can also take dual photos. Sometimes there are a lot of events around us. How can we share all the events with your friends? Take a dual photo. It will help you share what is happening in front of you and your emotions. This camera doesn’t spoil the quality of the photo.

The app has a cute and simple design. The navigation is intuitive. Take a photo and start processing them. Use beautiful filers and effects. You can share moments with one click. Send dual photos to social networks directly from the app. It has been downloaded over 100 thousand times.

Smart Front Back Dual Camera

You can take 2 photos at the same time. The app allows you to take a photo with one camera, then you can select a frame and take a photo with another camera. You will receive a dual photo. Use frames. The app has many frames for every taste and event. All the events around you can be in your photos.

Use the zoom and rotation. Your photos will be the most beautiful. If you are a photographer, you can capture yourself in your photos. Everyone will know that you took these pictures. You can take audio photos. Click on the sound button to record it. The app supports a selfie stick. The app has been installed more than 100 thousand times.

Samsung Smart Camera App Free Download For Android


Everyone knows the situation that happens every party. Everyone wants to take a group photo. The man who takes pictures always isn’t on the photo. Download this app and you can simultaneously take pictures with two cameras. This is a great app that makes wonderful dual photos. Choose the background of the photo.

You can use different layouts for dual photos. The app has over 30 layouts. All your photos will be unique. The app is also a photo editor. You can take photos and process them immediately. You can share the photo with all the supported apps. The app has flash and monochrome filters.

The app has been used by more than 50 thousand people. Show your dual photos to the world.

Dual Camera Sweet Selfie Filters: DSLR Beauty Cam

This app allows you to not only take dual photos but also edit them. This is a great beauty camera. You can do makeup in this app. Use filters on your dual photos. You can take 2 photos at the same time. Try the beauty mode. It works in real-time.

Samsung Smart Camera App Free Download

All the details are very realistic. No one will guess that your makeup is Photoshop. If you want to take a photo of a large group of friends and also want to be in the photo. Take a dual photo. Take a picture of your friends first, and then take a photo of yourself. You will receive a dual photo with you and all your friends.

Samsung Smart Camera App Windows


This is one of the best apps for taking dual photos. Try portrait mode. The camera is smart. She analyzes colors and makes the color correction. Filters will make your photos perfect. This app doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone. It weighs only 3.2MB. Download it and you can take as many dual photos as you like.

Front Back Camera – Dual Selfie Camera

This is a new kind of selfie-taking. You can take photos simultaneously with two cameras. Capture the moment around you. The app saves photos to the internal memory of your smartphone. You can share photos with your friends using social media. The app only takes high-quality photos.

This app is suitable for adventure lovers. Take pictures of everything that happens around you and share your emotions. This app has been installed more than 100 thousand times. Developers continue to update it and fix bugs. If you like to take dual photos, then this app is exactly for you.

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