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Visual Studio Team Explorer 2019. Download Microsoft Visual C Redistributable Package 2017 0 (64-bit) for Windows PC from FileHorse. 100% Safe and Secure Free Download (32-bit/64-bit) Software Version. Agents for Visual Studio 2019. IntelliTrace Standalone Collector for Visual Studio 2019. Performance Tools for Visual Studio 2019. Hi EtanLei, As far as l know, the build tool has comprehensive compilation tools including compilation of c projects since vs2017. However, build tool 2013 and build tool 2015 have no compilation capability for c projects, so you need to install the corresponding version of vs and remember to select cworkload. Previous versions of vs2013 did not have a. Project System Tools 2017/2019. Tools to make working with the Visual Studio project system for C#, Visual Basic, and F# easier. If you don't already have Visual Studio installed on your computer, Microsoft Build Tools 2015 provides the essential tools for building managed applications. These tools previously were included in the.NET Framework, but they are now available as this separate download. The Visual Basic and C# compilers are also included in this download.

As I am trying to build something in visual studio then visual studio show me some warning and then If i ignored it and build then error occurs.

It will also show me an Alternate option I also tried it but not works.

Richard Chambers
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Vardaan ShuklaVardaan Shukla
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The bottom line is that you need to install Visual Studio 2019 to access the v142 tools.

Along with different versions of Visual Studio (VS2015, VS2017, VS2019), Microsoft also releases different build tool versions as they continue to improve the compiler and provide additional capabilities and to meet updated language standards (C++, C++11, C++17, etc.). See Visual Studio 2015 not detecting v141 (2017) Build tools

See as well this Microsoft blog posting about build tools for VS2017 and accessing the older v140 from VS2015, Visual Studio Build Tools now include the VS2017 and VS2015 MSVC Toolsets.

Many of you have told us that you still need the MSVC v140 toolsetfrom Visual Studio 2015 to continue building older codebases. We’veupdated the Visual Studio Build Tools to include the v140 toolset fromVisual Studio 2015 Update 3 including the most recent servicingrelease. You might notice that the compiler toolset build version maynot match the version in a full VS 2015 install, even though they arethe same compilers. That happens because we build the full VisualStudio and the Visual Studio Build Tools in separate branches that maybe built on different days.

The Visual C++ build tools workload in the Visual Studio Build Toolswill install the latest v141 toolset from VS2017 by default. The v140toolset from VS2015 will install side-by-side with the v141 toolset.To install them just select the “VC++ 2015.3 v140 toolset for desktop(x86,x64)” at the bottom of the “Optional” section.

In your case, V142 build tools was released with VS2019. It does not appear that v142 is available for VS2017. The most recent build tools for VS2017 looks to be v141.

You can use the Visual Studio installer to modify the build tools available by adding or removing from the list. This SO posting describes a similar problem but with v140 missing in a VS2015 Visual Studio installation. MSbuild Error: The builds tools for v140 (Platform Toolset = 'v140') cannot be found

However if Microsoft has not released a particular Build Tools version for the Visual Studio you are using then it will not show in the list of available toolsets.

It looks like beginning with VS2015, Microsoft is providing a standard Visual Studio engine that is shared among VS 2015, VS2017, and VS2019 with build tools and various components being updated to provide new features and functionality and new language standards compliance. There are dependencies between the Visual Studio version and what build tools and components can be used with the Visual Studio version, e.g. v142 is not available for VS2017, most probably to provide an incentive for purchasing the newer product.

On installing VS2017 after installing VS2019

As a side note, while doing a bit of discovery on this question, I have found some articles that indicate that if you have a recent Visual Studio installed and then install an earlier version of Visual Studio, the default target build tools can also change to the build tools for the earlier install. › Forums › en-USOffline Installer for MSBuild Tools 2019

In other words, if you have VS2019 with a default target of v142 already installed and then install VS2017, the default target will change to v141 requiring you to actually set the build target to v142 when using VS2019.

Richard ChambersRichard Chambers
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I had the same problem, but when trying to open a project made in VS2019 with VS2017, so I changed this in my project:

Go to: Project->Properties->General->Platform Toolset and change to the current version of your VS.

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I had the same problem but I wanted to keep both Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2022 support for building the same project.

What I did is edited my .vcxproj, which is an MSBuild-format file, like this:

Before (toolset 1.42, only available with Visual Studio 2019, fails with Visual Studio 2017 and 2022):

After, each Visual Studio Version uses its own toolset version:

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I'm using both Visual studio 2017 and visual studio 2019 on two different computers and regularly have problems with the platform toolset.

On VS 2019, when opening a solution/project created with VS2017, i usually simply go to 'projects' in the menu bar on the top and choose 'retarget solution' (this probably sets the platform to V142).

on the contrary, on VS 2017, when opening the solution/project created with VS2019 (platform toolset v142),to allow it to work, I need to 'downgrade' it to the platform v141. To do that, I right clic on the project (not the solution) and choose properties, then 'general' and look for 'platform toolset' that i set to 'Visual studio 2017 (v141)' and then i can compile again without errors.


This worked for me: Go into the ProjectName.vcxproj file and remove the v142 build script and replace with the build script that corresponds to the Microsoft Visual Studio version you are using or remove the script and Retarget your project if it is an upgraded MVSC.


After installing the latest upgrade of VS2019, I had exactly the same problem as the original poster i.e. error MSB8020 re: building apps in VS2017. I used the simplest app in the series that were not building (all with the error above), and used 'Retarget solution', selecting Windows SDK version 10.0.17763.0. After that I did a rebuild and the app built fine. I checked the properties for each project in the solution, and the Windows SDK version had changed to 10.0.17763.0 as you would expect.

Visual Studio 2019 Build Tools Download Windows 10

Visual studio 2019 build tools download windows 7

When I then opened other VS2017 apps, they all built fine too without making any changes (these apps all failed before). However, their project properties still refer an SDK version 10.0.14393.0 which presumably is the VS2019 one. All the apps now 'magically' show their toolset as Visual Studio 2017 (v141). HTH, even if not explaining why it works.

Joao G. FerreiraJoao G. Ferreira

Visual Studio 2019 Build Tools Download Free

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