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Some players said that they cannot launch Minecraft on their Windows computers. Do you have the same issue? In this post, MiniTool touches on Minecraft not loading, listing the possible reasons for the issue and feasible fixes to it.

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Why Won’t Minecraft Load on Windows PC?

When Minecraft won’t launch, you can consider the following reasons:

  • Your computer is under the minimum system requirements of Minecraft.
  • There’ll be two MinecraftLauncher.exe.
  • There are some compatibility issues between the game and the Windows version.
  • The mods you have installed for Minecraft may change the game’s behavior.
  • The graphics card driver is wrong or outdated.
  • ......

How to Fix 'Minecraft Won't Load'?

There are some feasible ways to the issue. Please try them one by one.

  • Let your computer meet the Minecraft system requirements;
  • End MinecraftLauncher.exe and reboot Minecraft;
  • Run Minecraft in compatibility mode for your Windows version
  • Remove mod files
  • Update your graphics card driver
  • Reinstall Minecraft on your Windows PC

Fix 1: Let Your Computer Meet the Game’s System Requirements

If your computer is under the minimum system requirements of Minecraft, Minecraft won’t launch. What’re the minimum system requirements? They are:

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 3210 AMD A8 7600 APU or equivalent;
  • RAM: 4 GB;
  • HDD: At least 1GB for game core, maps, and other files;
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5 series NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series;
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later;
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or better;
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection.

Now, you can follow the tutorial to check your computer spec and make it meet the above requirements.

If Minecraft still won’t load after this fix, you should try the solutions below.

Fix 2: End MinecraftLauncher.exe and Reboot Minecraft


According to some users’ reports, there are two MinecraftLaucher.exe when Minecraft won’t open. So, you can try ending the two processes in Task Manager and then reboot the game.

Here is the tutorial on how to end Minecraft processes via Task Manager on Windows 10 PC.

Step 1: Right-click the toolbar and then select Task Manager from the menu.

Step 2: Under the Processes tab, find Minecraft and right-click it to choose End Task (Read the post to change the Task Manager update speed).

Step 3: Try launching Minecraft again. You should right-click the game on the desktop and then choose Run as administrator.

Fix 3: Run the Game in Compatibility Mode for Your Windows Version

If Minecraft won’t load, you can also try running the game in compatibility mode. How to do that? Follow the tutorial below.

Step 1: Right-click Minecraft and choose Properties from the menu.

Step 2: On the Properties window, switch to the Compatibility tab.

Step 3: Check the box Run this program in compatibility mode for under Compatibility mode and choose the OS from the drop-down menu. Finally, click Apply > OK.

You maybe yearn the old computer games but your Windows OS has been upgraded to Windows 10. Dob worry and this post shows you how to run old games on Win 10.

Fix 4: Remove Mod Files

Have you ever installed some mods for Minecraft for better game experience? If yes, you should consider removing the mod files when Minecraft won’t load.

Here I would like to show you how to remove mod files in Minecraft on Windows 10 PC.

Step 1: Input %appdata% in Cortana’s search bar and choose the popping option.

Step 2: Find the Minecraft folder and then expand the Mods folder.

Step 3: Remove the files in the Mods folder.

After removing the files, you can see if the game runs properly.

Fix 5: Update Your Graphics Card Driver

Step 1: Right-click the Windows icon on the toolbar and then choose Device Manager.

Step 2: Expand the Display adapter entry and then double-click the graphics card.

Step 3: Select Update driver under the Driver tab and then choose Search automatically for updated driver software.

Minecraft Education Edition Alternative Download

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Fix 6: Reinstall Minecraft on Your Windows PC

If the above fixes fail to help you solve, you can try reinstalling the game.

Step 1: Find Minecraft by going to C:Program Files (x86)Minecraft.

Step 2: Find the file named uninstall with the game icon and double click it to uninstall the game.

Step 3: Download and install the latest version of the game.

Slow download speed is very frustrating. Why your download speed so slow on PC? Read the post and you will know the possible reasons.

What you need to know

  • Minecraft players are currently diving into everything that 1.18 'Caves and Cliffs Update' Part Two has to offer.
  • The update is only a few days old, but Mojang Studios is already rolling out a patch update to fix some lingering issues.
  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.18.1 is now available on PlayStation, and will continue to roll out to other platforms in the next few days.
  • The patch update contains a handful of fixes, including for crashes, moving after respawning or sleeping, and more.

Minecraft players everywhere recently gained access to 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Update Part Two, an update that massively changes Minecraft's worlds and caves. It's already time for players to queue up another update, however, as Mojang Studios is now beginning to release Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.18.1.


This is a simple patch update with a small batch of fixes for the Caves and Cliffs Update, but there are some important tweaks like changing diamond ore generation to match Minecraft: Java Edition, fixing crashes on Android devices, and solving an issue with movement after respawning or sleeping in a bed. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.18.1 is currently releasing only to PlayStation devices, but will roll out to all other Bedrock Edition platforms over the next few days, likely finishing over the weekend.

Minecraft is one of the greatest games ever made, and holds on to its title as one of the best Xbox games by continually evolving with new features and content. The Wild Update, releasing sometime during 2022, will update Minecraft's Overworld with new mobs, blocks, and more. As time goes on, we'll inevitably see more parts of The Wild Update tested in Minecraft betas and snapshots like Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta

In case you missed it, here are all the changes and additions in 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Update Part Two.

The full changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.18.1 patch update includes:


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when copying a world backup in certain languages on PlayStation
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when chatting and playing on Realms
  • Decreased the amount of Diamond Ore that generates to match Java Edition
  • Fixed lighting bugs when removing light sources after returning to the Overworld from other dimensions
  • Players no longer have problems moving after respawning or getting out of a Bed
  • Added a warning prompt explaining potential loss of data when setting File Storage Location to External on Android devices
  • Fixed various crashes and storage-related issues with Android multi-user functionality and Amazon Kids / Freetime
  • Fixed simulation stopping in multiplayer sessions when other players move away from one player's render distance
  • The teleport command will no longer succeed when 'checkForBlocks' is true and the destination is obstructed
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a faulty purchase page for Realms when the maximum number of Realms are already owned
  • Optimized the Marketplace Inventory screen and improved loading of content images

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Why wont minecraft education edition download pc

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